Local Partners

Special thanks to all our partners, without whom, The Mystery Lights Cinema would not be possible.

Warminster Rugby Football Club

Warminster Rugby Football Club Logo

Warminster RFC have kindly offered us the use of their facilities in order to fulfill their mandate of serving the community beyond the rugby world. Please consider joining the club in order to benefit from their wide range of social events on offer and watch the first team play on Saturdays during the winter. Have a child aged 6 or over? Why not bring them along to play amongst others of their own age-group on Sundays from 10:30 from September onwards?

Avon Printing Services

Avon Printing Services Logo

“Supporting local businesses and non-council funded local events is something close to our heart.”

Avon Printing are a long established family owned and run printing business offering a design and print solutions service for local people and businesses. We believe in a face to face personal service, sharing our vast amount of print knowledge with our clients to help ensure they achieve the maximum results from their product.

Visit Avon Printing Services here.

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream Logo

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream have been making tasty, rich ice cream for over 30 years. Based in the West Country, they use their own cows to ensure their ice cream is made with the freshest of ingredients. If you haven’t tried Marshfield Farm Ice Cream yet, you are really missing out! You must come along to the Mystery Lights Cinema to indulge yourself. It’s the best and it’s about time everyone in Wiltshire and the surrounding counties knew it!

Visit Marshfield Farm Ice Cream here.


Parkour Extreme Salisbury & Parkour Trowbridge

Parkour Extreme Salisbury Logo

Parkour Extreme Salisbury and Parkour Trowbridge are a small business of Parkour coaches. They run clubs in Salisbury, Trowbridge and Bristol for anyone over the age of 8.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a recently recognised and ever growing sport which has gotten so many people jumping, flipping and leaping around. You may have seen Parkour in Movies, video games, music videos and Youtube videos. However, it isn’t just performed by young super athletic individuals willing to risk their lives at every leap, it’s actually so much safer and accessible than that.

What you might see of people jumping roof to roof is the end product of many years training basics at ground level. Parkour consists of Climbing, Vaulting, Jumping, conditioning and most importantly SAFETY!

And you can practice any of these at your own pace and it can be practiced anywhere at any time.

We educate their students how to train properly and safely. Teaching them to vault, jump, climb, flip and swing. Parkour provides its participants with endless possibilities of movements and its rewards are completely down to the individual’s imagination and hard work. Through Parkour, individuals learn important skills such as respect of themselves, others and their environment, hand eye co-ordination, overcoming fear, community, physical limits and well being.

So please feel free to try out one of the three workshops at the Mystery Lights Cinema no matter your age or ability. If you or your child enjoy our workshop the don’t hesitate to contact us!

Salisbury: Wednesday 4:30-6PM for ages 8-16

Facebook: Parkour Extreme Salisbury

Trowbridge: Sunday 12:00-2:00pm ages 8-16

Friday 7:30-8:30pm ages 8-16

8:30-9:30pm ages 16+

Facebook: Trowbridge Freerunning