Bonus Features

You should always wait till the end of a Marvel movie…

We, at Mystery Lights Cinema, are all about giving you a first class movie experience. But for us, going to the cinema is about more than just watching a film. It’s about the journey there, the food, the drink, the heightened feeling of experiencing it as part of the Collective.

So we’re aiming to make sure the Mystery Lights Cinema is more than just watching a movie on a blanket.

Firstly, we have invited some exciting local vendors to come and showcase their food to our viewers. Come along and taste the gourmet level of what festival food has to offer these days. I think you will pleasantly surprised.

Secondly, we want to make sure you’re free to enjoy yourself in the build-up to the screening. Event nannies will be available for you to off-load your kids on to, safe in the knowledge they are being looked after and entertained. Want to entertain your kids yourself? Chuck them on the variety of inflatables we’ve provided.

Looking for something more structured for them? We’ve arranged 3 sessions of Parkour training for them to experience. They’ll learn the ancient art of Free Running (was founded in the 80’s, but hey, they weren’t born then) under the watchful eye of some very experienced teachers. Booking is required for this experience, so check back here once you’ve booked your ticket to reserve your slot.

Not only that, but we’ve organised many more surprises for you, however you’ll have to check back here to see what they are… securing a diverse arrangement of entertainment takes some time, so please bare with us.

Oh, and finally you might want to stay till the end of the film (as any Marvel fan will know), these things tend to end with a bit of a bang.

Marvel Logo from movie intro