I am Groot

(I love Warminster)

I have been visiting Warminster for about 17 years now. My husband was brought up in this town and his parents still live here so when we started dating each other all those years ago, there came a time when I was asked to come home for the weekend. At the time of accepting I thought nothing of it, ‘sure’ I said, ‘why not!’

We went on with our week of work/uni and city drinking in London and Friday came and for the first time I got on the longest train journey I had ever taken from Waterloo.

Being a typical Londoner I felt uneasy but couldn’t put my finger on why I felt this way, I now know it to be that innate frustration when a journey takes more than 45 minutes and cannot be cut in half by changing tube lines or jumping on a bus while it’s still moving!!!

After a nap, 35 pages of my book, a botched attempt to make notes for a paper that was due-in the week before and getting on a connecting train at Salisbury that we had to wait 20 MINUTES for! We got off at Warminster station. Yay!

Groot at Warminster Train Station

When I hit my destinations platform the realisation ensued that I had reached a milestone in my relationship. I was about to ‘Meet the Parents’.

In my true Londoner fashion, I showed no fear and walked with what I thought should look confident toward a beautiful lady standing by a car with a smile on her face.

My brain was doing over time. ‘Did I wear the right outfit? Was my top showing too much cleavage? Did I clean my shoes? How can I do a quick discreet breath check?


My now husband introduced me to my now Mother-in-law, we will call her MIL2B (I promise in later posts you will understand this code). MIL2B gave me a hug and we then all got into the car and made a one mile trip from the station to the family home in 2 minutes. I sat bolt up-right and smiling the complete journey. As we got to the house MIL2B reversed into the drive and as she turned to look behind her to complete the maneuver (yes I am now learning how to drive) she must have seen through my bravado and mouthed to me ‘relax’ and continued to smile.

I did relax and enjoyed a fabulous weekend meeting other members of the family, old friends and going to different landmarks such as Heaven’s Gate, Longleat Safari Park and the local pub at the time; The Old Bell.

Over the years I have witnessed the changes, innovations, events and people of Warminster.  My now husband (same guy) and I loved the area enough to make it our home. I have met some amazing people with such talents and gifts and I have always wanted to put on an event that celebrates the talents of the town.

Mystery Lights Cinema Logo

Mystery Lights Cinema, an outdoor cinema experience, is my effort to share with you the people in my life and the brilliance that they have as well as the resources Warminster and its neighbouring villages has to offer.

In my line of work I have traveled around the world sourcing supplies from different countries to bring events together. I hope to use as much of the local resources to feed this movie night. For Warminster to come together as the fabulous community that it is and celebrate all that it has.

I am still meeting new collaborators on the way so I hope you keep reading and learn more about who they are, what they do as well as what will be on offer on Saturday 12th August 2017.

Oh, and if you are wondering what the title of this blog post is about, obviously you need to come and see our first movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and all will become clear.

I can’t wait to meet you,


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