I am Groot

(I love Warminster) I have been visiting Warminster for about 17 years now. My husband was brought up in this town and his parents still live here so when we started dating each other all those years ago, there came a time when I was asked to come home for the weekend. At the time of accepting I thought nothing of it, ‘sure’ I said, ‘why not!’ We went on with our week of work/uni and city drinking in London and Friday came and for the first time I got on the longest train journey I had ever taken from Waterloo. Being a typical Londoner I felt uneasy but couldn’t put my finger on why I felt this way, I now know it to be that innate frustration when a journey takes more than 45 minutes and cannot be cut in half by changing tube lines or jumping on a […]

Close up of Baby Groot at Warminster Train Station